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How about getting into a well air conditioned room straight without waiting till the air conditioner does it’s work or what about getting a hot cup of coffee ready at the moment you wake up ??? Yes the solution is right here. Researchers and developers have found a solution for this. From asking the coffee maker for a coffee to turning the plug on, everything is easy buy just installing a smart hub on your home or office and connecting it with your devices.


Smart Hubs are devices which are capable of receiving and sending signal by connecting to a smart appliance and a smart device. We can use this device to control every home appliance which are connected to this smart hub.
Use of the smart devices extent from making a coffee, changing the colour modes of light, controlling the air conditioner, and even starting your car. By getting a connection to the internet it can help you  with any questions or queries in google.

Some of the top rated Smart hubs in India are listed below:

  1. Google Home
google home, home automation, smart hub, google

Google home is a smart hub which provided by the leading search engine GOOGLE. By using it you will get the power and intelligence of google on your finger tips

      2.  Amazon Echo Dot

echo dot, amazon smart hub, home automation,

As the name suggest amazon echo dot is the dedicated product of the online market leader amazon. Echo dot the most economic for home automation available i0n India 

3.  Amazon Echo

amazon echo, amazon, home automation, smart hub

Echo is the premium version of echo dot. It is well known for it’s long distance hearing capability

      4.  Samsung Smart Things Hub

home automation, smart hub, samsung

Samsung smart is capable of doing everything the other brands could do. It also provides a well capability with samsung smart phones and other samsung smart devices.

Some other brands which are available at the market are listed below:

  1. Apple Homekit
  2. Logitech Harmony Elite
  3. Wink Hub 2

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