Wanting to control your water overflow

Automatic water level controller

In this time of age population rates increase, year by year with that usage of water also increases as with time and population. As at homes/commercial spaces, we require a storage tank for storing water in large quantities. Many of these places place the storage tank/overhead tank (OHT) at the highest point to attain good enough pressure to all parts of the waterline. A water pump is used to pump water from a lower point to a higher point to fill the tank. The water pump pumps in water with no control when put ON thus leading to overflowing or spillage of the tank. Here automatically control your water pump motor with using the best automatic water level controller from the best dealers. The controller senses the water level by the floats within the controller.

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Automatic water level controller circuit

Each of the sensors floats is suspended from the top using an aluminum rod. This arrangement is enclosed in a PVC pipe and fixed vertically on the inside wall of the water tank. Such sensors are more reliable than induction-type sensors. Sensor 1 senses the minimum water level which is at the low level of the water tank, while sensor 2 senses the maximum water level at the high level of the water tank(see the figure).

Leaf switches at a low level and high level (used in tape recorders) are fixed at the top of the sensor units in such a way that when the floats are lifted, the attached 5mm dia. (approx.) aluminum rods push the moving contacts of leaf switches at a low level and high level from normally closed (N/C) position to normally open (N/O) position. Similarly, when the water level goes down, the moving contacts reverse back to their original positions. These products are provided at home automation products in Kottayam.

Construction and testing

As each of the float sensor units can be assembled at home as they are identical sensors to each other but except for their lengths are different.

Based on the depth of the water tank from top to the opening of a water pipe can be taken as the length of the minimum-level for the sensing unit. The depth of the water tank from top to the level where max capacity reached or lesser than that is taken as the length of the maximum-level sensing unit. The leaf switches are fitted at the top of the tank.

Each of the pipes is closed at both ends by using two caps over it. A 5mm diameter hole is drilled at the center of the top cap so that the aluminum rod goes through it easy to select the contact of leaf switches. Similarly, a hole is to be drilled at the bottom cap of the pipe so as water can enter the pipe to lift the float.

When the water reaches the set limit level, the floats stop and want to go up more than the required distance for pushing the moving contact of the leaf switch to the normally open position. Or else the pressure on the float may lead to failure of the leaf switch itself. The length of the aluminum rod is set accordingly for the purpose. It should be attached to the metal/thermocol float using some glue. Digital point provides the best home automation products in Kollam.


As in this time of age digitization and automation is the future to a better lifestyle. Almost everything around us is being depended on automation where all the latest technology fixed in it. Here automatic water level controller comes in our daily life where avoiding wastage of water  As the name tells you it’s an automatic device that can be used to control or check the level of water at all times and our motor or pumps can be managed accordingly.

This application can be very useful in industrial, domestic, commercial & agricultural fields. Industries involving liquids like soft drinks industries, water refilling industries, petroleum companies and many more. They can use the automatic level controller while filling for any type of liquids in the tank. Through this process, the tank is filled correctly and loss of water is avoided.

In agricultural fields, this applicant can play a crucial role in watering the fields and saving a lot of water from any wastage. Farmers can use these systems to water their fields without the need for physical presence in the fields. Similarly, it is an important device for domestic purposes, like in water tanks and underground tanks where it is very difficult to monitor the level of water. This machine allows the user to see the level of water so accordingly pumps can be switched on or switched off.

General features

This device of automatic water level controller can change based on the purpose of use. It can play as a level indicator or fully automatic which is used in this time of age. Using the automatic one as it switches on the water pump when there is need of water in the tank and switches it off when the tank gets to max limits. The best thing about this device is that the motor/ water pump is automatically switched on when the level of water in the tank is below a certain level (say25%) and turned off when the underground tank gets empty or the overhead tank gets filled up.

The best thing is that customers can even set this device timely, this means that there are some locations where water supply is time bounded it comes one hour in the morning and evening. Automatic water level controller can be tweaked for pumping at set timing. It will automatically get on at the time water comes and fill the tank as per the required need. This will ensure your water need is fulfilled and wastage is avoided.

Advantages of using the automatic water level controller in our daily life

  1. Electricity: Motor or our pumps will only run for a fixed time, so the overuse of electricity will be saved and this will also reduce the electricity bills.
  2. The overflow of tanks: Giving accurate knowledge about the level of water in tanks by the automatic water level controller will never allow water to overflow.
  3. Seepage problems: Excess flowing water causes seepage problems on roofs which can cause failure to the structure. By controlling overflow it will stop all the seepage problems.
  4. Increases the life of pumps: Damage may occur to pumps if operated dry. By this device, you will be able to understand when the underground tank gets empty. This will prevent operating the dry pump.
  5. No Human Interference required: the automatic water level controller does not require any sort of human interaction as the motor/pump is automatically switched on and off depending upon the level of water in the tank.