What Is A Motion Detector?

A motion detector is an application that finds moving objects, any people. Such an applicant is often merged as a component of a system that automatically carries out a task or alerts a user of motion in an area. They bring together a vital component of security, automated lighting control, home control, energy efficiency, and other useful systems.

Every motion detectors have a sensor its a type of electronic sensor. It is basically embedded within consumer-end devices such as Smartphones, Smart TVs, Tablet computers, Physical security systems.

Depending on the capability of the motion sensor, it can detect motions within the device in which it is integrated or the surrounding environment. It is usually connected with a system or software that processes the motion into action or information. For example, in mobile devices, motion sensors are primarily used to take input from users in supported games and other applications.

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How do Motion Sensors Work?

This motion sensors work on two major concepts, PIR (Passive infrared sensor) and Dual-technology sensor. The most available motion sensor in the market is a passive infrared sensor.

Motion Sensors Allow for Independent Living for Elderly

Motion detectors can play a key role in the security and welfare of elderly people in their homes. As the sensor detects motion, it sends a signal to the receiver, which is noted by a 24-hour response system. 

There are many advantages to medical monitoring through motion sensors: 

Motion Detector Security Cameras are Hassle-Free

Combine Motion Sensors with Other Home Security Products

Motion sensors are most useful when part of a whole home security package you customize based on your protection needs.

The motion sensor signals the alarm when a door or window is opened.

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Motion Detector Lights Illuminate Danger, Pests

Motion detector lights can provide cost-effective home security and peace of mind. 

Motion detector lights are adequately easy to install, especially if you are changing an existing light fixture.

Check these tips out for locating motion detector lights: 

To have better security, locate motion sensor lights around access areas to your house — entryways, patios and at gates and fences. 

Motion Detectors Work Like It Is invisible

Motion detectors seem to work like it is invisible finding people in your house without the use of hidden cameras. These are the most common types of motion detectors used in home security: infrared, ultrasonic and microwave. 

Here infrared motion detectors, which is the most common of them all, sense body heat. 

These motion detectors using ultrasonic waves sending out pulses that measure moving objects. 

With microwave motion detectors, the microwaves bounce off moving objects. 

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Motion Sensors Can Detect an Intruder

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Motion sensors play a good part of many home security packages. Most motion sensors for home security are pyroelectric sensors meaning they detect infrared energy.