Door Metal Detector

Door Metal Detector

Door frame metal detector is an associate instrument that detects the presence of metal. Metal detectors area unit helpful for locating metal hidden among objects, or metal objects buried underground. A Door Frame finder|detector|sensor|sensing element (DFMD) because the name suggests may be a detector fitted in a very door to detect metal that will be hidden on the body of the person passing through this door. This is additionally called a “walk through” detector. These area unit used for security screening at access points in prisons, courthouses, and at airports to detect concealed metal weapons on a person’s body

The simplest type of detector consists of associate generator manufacturing associate AC that passes through a coil manufacturing associate alternating magnetic flux. If a touch of electrically semiconducting metal is about to the coil, eddy currents will be induced in the metal, and this produces a magnetic field of its own.

The biggest technical amendment in detectors was the event of the induction-balance system. This system involves two coils that are electrically balanced. When metal is introduced to their vicinity, they would become unbalanced. What allowed detectors to discriminate between metals was the very fact that each metal encompasses a totally different part response once exposed to AC.


Metal detector technology was custom-made to screen airline passengers. Mining metal detectors housed in a very giant cylindrical pipe were wont to build an advertisement walk-through security detector. This eventually led to the event of the oblong gauntry, currently normal at airports. Both AC and pulse systems area unit used, and the design of the coils and the electronics has moved forward to improve the discrimination of these systems. It is potential to point the approximate height of the metal object higher than the bottom, facultative security personnel to quickly find the supply of the signal. Smaller handheld metal detectors are then used to locate a metal object on a person more precisely. DFMD’s area unit designed for top outturn with fewer extra alarms. Specific objects like guns and knives are unceasingly and accurately discovered, whereas personal things like keys, coins, belt buckles, ANd eyeglasses will suffer while not inflicting an alarm.

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Door Frame metal detectors (DFMDs) area unit of 2 types:

Single zone DFMD

Multi-zone DFMD provide multi-zone detection

A Multi-zone DFMD can determine whether or not the target is on the left facet or right facet of the person. If a private walk through the DFMD with a hidden weapon settled at their ankles, both the single and multi-zone DFMD will locate the target. The distinction between the only zone DFMD and Multi-zone DFMD is that the multi-zone detector is able to determine the placement of the target, on either the left or right side of the individual.

Multi-zone technology recognize between miniature handguns and harmless objects like keys and coins

Multi-zone Door Metal Detector deploy ‘Continuous Wave Multiple device activity Technique’ over the ordinarily used ‘Pulse Induction method’. This increases screening efficiency and cuts operating costs. Multiple zones of detection permit the precise location of hid weapons to be pinpointed. A show shows if a weapon is found on the left, right or center of the person being screened and if it is at ankle, knee, waist, chest or head height. If more than one weapon is being carried each is detected and its location is shown. During the associate succeeding manual search, security personnel will straightaway target the thing, or objects, that created the alarm(s.).

An important feature of horizontal multiple zone technology is its ability to expeditiously discriminate between miniature handguns and harmless objects. People being screened will have the detector while not the inconvenience of getting to empty their pockets of traditional amounts of keys and coins. Weapons factory-made from steel, various grades of stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloys, and mixed alloys are detected using a single operating mode.

The technology offers glorious electrical interference rejection, thus eradicating false alarms that halt traffic flows. The instrumentality is additionally endlessly active, which implies that weapons or contraband can’t be passed, fell or tossed through the detector undetected.


Traffic Counters: DFMD’s area unit currently designed with intelligent and just about invisible traffic counters that area unit integrated within the coil panels. Counters are bi-directional with a decrease mode. Alarms, folks and alarm rates will all be counted. Remote security management: DFMD information will currently be viewed at the desktop. It allows observance of traveler data, traveler information assortment, and process with versatile news tools, further as observance and management of all parameters of the DFMD.

Collect Statistics: Statistics can be summarized, shared by email and printed in easy-to-read reports.

Monitors traveler Flow: licensed personnel will read the traffic and alarm levels of the DFMD’s that area unit connected to the network. The read provides you a fast overall look of lines with high traffic, serving to one to raised deploy resources.

Monitors Security: once there’s a deviation from the first settings hold on within the computer, the operator receives associate degree alert. This feature quickly indicates any misuse or malfunctions of the DFMD and increases the overall security level.

Other Applications:

Most DFMD’s have part sensitive detection circuits, that permit the user to reinforce the sensitivity sure cluster of metals and cut back it for others. DFMD’s area unit designed to notice each metal & Non-metal Metals. With higher sensitivity, they’ll be utilized in the jewelry producing units to safeguard against thievery. High Sensitivity DFMD’s area unit designed specifically for police work tiny metal and non-ferrous things, like disposable jail razors, a piece of a razor blade, metal shanks, handcuff keys, detonator caps, jewelry, coins, microprocessor, and memory chips. Use of such DFMD’s will increase safety in prisons and jails by efficiently police work tiny metal objects which will be used as weapons, even when they are hidden in body cavities. They are additionally deployed in producing and distribution facilities to safeguard tiny, valuable assets. Digital point home automation service in Trivandrum, Kochi, Kollam, Kottayam provide you the best services for Door Metal Detector.


Uniform Detection: it’s necessary to pick a detector that offers uniform detection throughout the whole interrogation region. The detection response from a poorly designed standard detector won’t be linear. High sensitivity hot spots and low sensitivity regions known as dead spots may be present within different regions of the detection field. The detection response from a specific metal object can vary because it is carried through completely different sectors of the gate.

Electrical and magnetism interference: they’ll play mayhem with their performance and infrequently render them unusable. Quality detectors utilize extremely economical noise inhibition package algorithms. Noise originates from a range of sources; unsteady fluorescent lightweight tubes, computer monitors, photocopiers, two-way radios, etc. The level of close noise can vary from location to location. It is suggested to check the DFMD within the location wherever it’ll eventually be put in.

Continuously active detection: continuously choose a detector that’s incessantly active. At no time ought to the detection electronic equipment be deactivated. Under no circumstances should a non-continuously active DFMD be put in in associate degree unmanned automatic entry door system.

Metal Types: For each weapons screening and thievery interference the detector should be capable of efficiently police work a range of metals in a very single in operation program.

Object transit speed & Orientation: no matter whether or not the target object is carried terribly slowly, quickly or tossed through the detector it should always be detected. It should also be possible to detect the target irrespective of its orientation.

DFMDs that area unit utilized in business and industrial functions. Widely applicable in hotels, airports, malls, multiplexes, and varied public visiting areas.

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