List of home automation products

home automation products

What is home automation

Home automation/domotics is the process of converting a regular home to a smart home, enabling us to control all the electrical and electronics systems using our smartphones. So automation results in time saving and quick & easy control of systems. Home automation is a technological solution to this busy world.

Home automation products

Lighting, entertainment and appliance control systems and home security systems fall under home automation products.So let’s go through the list of home automation products 


Closed circuit television or video surveillance is primarily used for security purposes. It uses multiple number of cameras, which are strategically placed and the visuals are monitored. CCTV is finding increasing use in law enforcement for everything from traffic control to neighbourhood watch.


Automated gate systems are used to slide gates, they can be used to open and close gates using a wireless transmitter. An electric motor and a reduction gear box are used to move the gate across the metal rack. The power usage of automated gates depends on how much they are being operated, usually they don’t cost that much..


Motion detectors are used to detect motion in a particular area of space. The movement of objects or humans activates the sensors in the detector and triggers the alarm system. They form a vital component of security systems.


Fire alarms are used to alert people in a building or a closed compound if something tragic is about to happen. When the smoke detectors senses a fire or smoke it  activates the fire alarms. There are various types of fire alarms available in the market depending upon the requirement of the customer.


Boom barrier is a pivoted pole placed at a particular point to control the access of vehicles through that point.They are usually found in parking facilities and level crossings The automated boom barriers are controlled using a push button or remote control or RFID tags.


Access control systems are installed in building complexes to control the access to a particular space or location, so that only authorized personnel can enter the location.In order to get access to the location,the individual is required to have the login credentials of that system.


Door metal detectors are the door frames installed at the access points of buildings and airports used to detect the presence of metals and concealed weapons. The door metal detector works on the principle of electro-magnetic induction. When the induction coil inside the door frame interacts with metal surfaces,it produces a magnetic flux and triggers the alarm.


Video doorbell or video intercom is an audiovisual communication system,  they are widely used in residential complexes and work places.It allows the person indoors to interact with the person on the doorstep without giving access to the building.Video door bells play a vital role in home security.


Automatic water level controllers are used to restrict the flow of water by turning on/off the pump motor. When the water level reaches a certain low point in the tank/container the motor is turned on and if the level exceeds the high level point the motor is turned off. Automatic water controllers are used in domestic,industrial and agricultural sectors.


EPABX stands for Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange.By using this device a single telephone line can be shared by more users using extensions.They are mainly used in hotels and industries.Auto redialling and auto conferencing are some of the advanced features of EPABX


Smart speaker is a video command device with AI powered virtual assistant. They usually come with a speaker phone,WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and voice control features.Smart speakers have taken our homes by storm and they are considered to be the future of home automation. That’s because they can do so much, from answering any questions to controlling your smart home devices. 

Home automation products work efficiently by reducing power consumption and saving more energy .While we are becoming more environmentally aware,the list of home automation products mentioned above is a technological solution to the rising environmental problems. And since the violence rates are increasing, it is necessary to make sure that our loved ones and valuable are protected all the time.Home security systems makes sure that our family and valuables are protected from intruders, and helps to alert us if any tragic accidents are about to happen.So home automation products are like a companion who wishes nothing but good to us.Contact digital point for best home automation services in kottayam.